Ben Zarai is one classy guy to work with — positive, diligent, and talented.  He always came back with an array of beautifully different ideas and pleasantly surprising perspectives while still nailing the original descriptions of what we were after right on the money.  His understanding of the music’s purpose stems directly from his keen understanding of the scene’s purpose.  His adjustments based on our notes were remarkably astute and creative.  Most importantly, it is impossible to overstate the benefit of having such an accomplished sound designer as your composer.  His knowledge of sound in general plays a large part in the seamless weaving of design with composition — and more importantly, with dialogue.  As Ben likes to say, “The dialogue is the melody.”  What a guy.  He has our recommendation.

Evan & Adam Beamer

“Ben Zarai delivered in spades.  He listened carefully to my temp, fully-appreciating the 70’s-thriller orchestrations I was looking for.  Then created a beautiful and wholly original score filled with genuine suspense, pathos and humor that transcended all expectation.  Plus, he broke his back to get it done right, and on schedule.
“I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.”
Jack Perez, Director
My name is Aaron Harvey, and I wrote and directed a film entitled CATCH .44 last year.  I had the immense pleasure of working with a fantastic composer, Ben Zarai, on my film and wanted to let you know that if you’re looking for someone who will go above and beyond and really take the time to cater to what your vision of the film is – look no further.  The man is amazing.  I got to know him when we were mixing my film, and when I asked him to compose the score for me, not only did he nail everything I was asking, he went out and bought several brand new instruments to do it with!  The dude is a machine and can deliver anything you need him to deliver and is willing to put in the time until it’s done right.  If there’s need for a composer on your project, Ben is your guy.
Aaron Harvey, Director
CATCH .44 (2012)
Ben was never concerned with winning any ego battles or showing off his composing skills.  The movie always came first, and his focus was solely on how he could help make the film better.  And was he ever successful in doing so.  His scoring and mixing greatly elevated the quality of our project and from our very first meeting, he was ever eager to listen to our ideas, and offer his own creative input.
During both scoring and mixing, Ben was a joy to work, fully present with an unwavering positive, “can do” attitude.  Even long after the project was completed, Ben made himself completely available to offer advice, input and knowledge.  I can only hope Ben is available to work on my next project.
Ryan Levin, Producer

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