About Ben

Emmy Award-winner Ben Zarai began writing music at the age of seven. A native of Los Angeles, Ben grew up immersed in music and film. His love for both led him to pursue these two art forms professionally.

As a well-regarded composer, Ben has scored films starring actors such as Forest Whitaker, Bruce Willis, 50 Cent, and Val Kilmer. His latest film, In Security, is a comedy that combines orchestra, funk, blues, and rock into a dynamic and exciting soundtrack, which can be heard HERE.

Genres he has scored include drama, horror, suspense, action, adventure, documentary, and children’s films. His musical styles include orchestral, rock, folk, funk, Latin, urban, techno, Americana, blues, Western, and ambient/textural. Songs are also available upon request, and samples of his work can be heard throughout this website.

Ben Zarai working in the studio with James Cameron

Ben’s career and talents include other art forms, all of which contribute to his abilities as a composer. Ben wrote, directed, produced and edited a documentary about his work with James Cameron, which Cameron included on one of his DVDs. Ben collaborated on the writing, direction, production and editing of two short films. He associate-produced four feature films. He wrote two feature film scripts. And he has mixed and/or sound-designed more than two hundred feature films, making him a foremost expert at making music work in movies.

This experience has given Ben a breadth of knowledge and an artistic sensibility that allows him to tackle any project with not just talent, but real know-how and innovative creative ideas that delight and inspire directors.

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