Lionsgate has Released Armed Response

by admin on October 10, 2014

Armed Response, formerly known as In Security, is now available on DVD (plus digital), Digital HD and Video on Demand. The film can be found at Walmart, Amazon, Redbox, and VOD.

Written and Directed by Adam Beamer and Evan Beamer, the film is an ingenious comedy about two guys trying (and failing) to sell security systems in the safest town in America. With the crime rate out the bottom, they resort to robbing houses to drive up business.

Ethan Embry and Michael Gladis are a side-splitting comedy team. The film also boasts strong performances from Cary Elwes, Clea Duvall, Ving Rhames, Adam Arkin, Alan Arkin, and Vinnie Jones, with a script that really delivers on the promise of the premise.

Ben Zarai’s original score for the film is an energetic hybrid of funk, blues, rock, and orchestra. It all adds up to a fun 90 minutes.

Here’s what the directors had to say about working with Ben:

“Ben Zarai is one classy guy to work with — positive, diligent, and talented. He always came back with an array of beautifully different ideas and pleasantly surprising perspectives while still nailing the original descriptions of what we were after right on the money. His understanding of the music’s purpose stems directly from his keen understanding of the scene’s purpose. His adjustments based on our notes were remarkably astute and creative.

“Most importantly, it is impossible to overstate the benefit of having such an accomplished sound designer as your composer. His knowledge of sound in general plays a large part in the seamless weaving of design with composition — and more importantly, with dialogue. As Ben likes to say, ‘The dialogue is the melody.’ What a guy. He has our recommendation.”

Check out the music and the trailer below, and then see the film!


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